Thursday, May 17, 2007

USB Memory Drive Lid - DIY

If I had £1 for everyone I knew who'd lost the lid to their USB pen drive.Well I lost mine too, and was bored at lunchtime so, here's how to make a DIY usb lid for your flash drive.

I built mine for a Corsair unit, but the technique is applicable to most drives that have a attachment loop at the opposite end to the USB connector.

  • Pull the cap off to remove (Lid stays attached) Stetch the rubber band and put cap back on.

  • Low cost
  • Won't fall off Attached, so you can't lose the lid
  • Easy to make in minutes
  • If it breaks, you can make a new one
  • Customisable - tweak the cap design to your preferences.


  • At the moment doesn't look 'cool' but I can live with that - and might even be able to improve the design.

Equipment needed:

  • 2 large rubber bands

  • Selotape

  • Scissors


  1. Make a cap
    Cut a rubber band. Cut rubber stips into lengths long enough to loop around the usb connector with some tension (about 3 strips should be enough for the depth of the usb connecor) Tape these together vertically with thin strip of tape. Place on usb connector and wrap around Tape the rubber bands back together so that the lid is under tension and stays on when put on the usb connector Wrap more tape around to make the whole thing sturdy.

  2. Attach part of rubber band to cap/thread through usb loop

  3. Tape the rubber band back together so that it is under tension and pulling the usb lid on.


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